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Our Mission

Our aim is to provide everyone access to one of the world’s largest and most secure asset classes—commercial real estate—by removing intermediaries and creating a more efficient and transparent real estate investment process.

The Token

RealFuel is the 'token' for digital platforms processing membership and access in the real estate space. It works as a utility token to provide holders access and membership rights as well as a medium of payment on real estate platforms. The purpose of the whitepaper is to outline the aims of the project and the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) approach.

Solving the two biggest problems in real estate:



Using RealFuel Tokens

1st Use Case

with InvestaCrowd

InvestaCrowd is a licensed real estate crowdfunding platform. As a utility token, you can use RealFuel for payment and membership access. InvestaCrowd is a complete, operational real estate crowdfunding platform with a Capital Markets Services (CMS) license. In addition, InvestaCrowd has KYC, AML/CFT measures in place and is currently tokenizing real estate.

Access and analyse

Optimise your real estate porfolio

Monitor, report and repeat

2nd Use Case

with ICTX Real Estate Security Token Exchange

ICTX Real Estate Security Token Exchange will be a compliant, licensed exchange for trading security and equity tokens of which RealFuel will be the native currency. RealFuel on ICTX will bring liquidity to existing real estate assets in the world through tokenizing and hosting them on an exchange. This presents a game-changing benefit to both real estate owners and real estate investors.

RealFuel Usage
(Real Estate Companies)

Pay Real Estate Tokenization Fees

Pay Real Estate ICO Creation Fees

Pay Listing & Distribution Fees to InvestaCrowd

Pay Listing Fees to ICTX

Access to VIP & B2B Networks of InvestaCrowd

A Medium to Access InvestaCrowd Investors

A Foundation to Deploy Smart Contracts into Business Operations

RealFuel Usage
(Individual Members)

Pay Application Fees, Membership Fees, Platform Services Fees

Priority Access to Token Sales & Special Investments

Settle Admin Fees, Trading Fees, Data Analytic Fees

Use in InvestaCrowd Online Investment Platform

Receive Incentives for Community Driven Initiatives

Receive Incentives to Lead Syndicated Rounds of Real Estate Tokens

RealFuel and ICTX combined, will bring liquidity to any existing real estate asset in the world by tokenizing existing real estate assets and hosting those tokens on an exchange.

This presents a game changing benefit to both real estate owners and real estate investors.


  • 51% Token Sale 51
  • 17% Marketing/Partnerships/Listings 17
  • 5% Token Sales Costs/Admin 5
  • 17% Founding Team (vesting 24 months) 17
  • 10% Early Backers/Advisors/Partners/Consultants (vesting 24 months) 10

Use of

  • 40% Technology and Liquidity 40
  • 15% Operations 15
  • 10% Legal/Licensing/Compliance 10
  • 10% Exchange Incentivization Pool 10
  • 15% Marketing/Partnerships 15
  • 5% Invest into Affordable Housing 5
  • 5% Research/Token Business Development 5

Next Generation Real Estate Investing.

Roadmap and


Note: Actual timeline for all deliverables outlined in here are subject to changes without further notice, and it should not be regarded as legal-binding obligations to be delivered by the issuer under this token sales exercise.

Team and Advisors

Meet the Team

Julian Kwan


Alice Chen

General Counsel

Ole Michael Waldén Oldhøj


George Nast

Chief Strategist

Jodie Collins

Director of Marketing

William O'Donnell

Director of Sales

Herbert Si

Director of Investment

Christina Teo

Director of Community

Mattan Lurie

Director of Institutional Partnerships

Karmei Tse

Director of International Partnerships

Meet the Advisors

Alex Friedberg

Chief Operating Officer
Block By Block Capital

Chad Lynch

Head of Crypto Security

Chris Marriott

Savills-South East Asia

David Sandison

Managing Director
David Sandison and Co Pte Ltd

Edward Nwokedi

Executive Director of Multifamily Advisory Group
Cushman and Wakefield

Eli Jawad Ansari

Managing Director, Head of Blockchain Investment Banking
Boustead Securities

Floyd DCosta

Co-founder and CEO
Blockchain Worx

Ian Sullivan

Managing Partner
BrightMind Ventures

Jani Rautialnen

Executive Director and Co-founder
PropertyGuru Group

Jesus Garbayo

Antler Incubator

Khailee Ng

Managing Partner
500 Startups

Michael Benz

Senior Advisor/Head of Digital Banking Asia
Synpulse Management Consulting

Mo Hamdouna

Creative Director
Mo Works Creative Agency

Nizam Ismall

Partner and Head
Financial Services, RGTLaw Taylor Wessing

Steve Melhuish

Co-founder and Vice Chaiman
PropertyGuru Group

Tuck Meng Yee

JRT Partners

Our Business Partners

Our team and advisors have worked at the following leading companies


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